Natural Stone Procurement Services, Sourcing, Purchasing, Price Negotiation, & Delivery


SPS Stone Group will travel to find the ideal natural stone for your building or memorial. With over 27 years of experience, SPS has traveled all over the world and developed relationships with some of the best sources of quality natural stone. From Granite, Limestone, and Marble, to Sandstone, Bluestone and Travertine, SPS Stone Group will personally hand-select materials best suited to the needs and goals of the project. SPS will follow through and purchase from the start to ensure that your stone is secured and delivered within the needs and time frame of the project. SPS Stone Group will negotiate directly with the source of the stone for your building's facade, wall cladding, floor, or memorial project to get the best price.

SPS Stone Group also provides a Stone Applications & Consulting Service which will assist you in choosing the ideal natural stone for your project. Other services include Design & Engineering Services for stone tickets, shop drawings, and value engineering.