Stone Construction Applications & Selection Consulting Services


Choosing the correct natural stone for your construction application is not always a simple task. SPS Stone Group has years of experience and understands the properties of various natural and dimensional stone types for a building's stone facade, granite floor, or architectural decorative pieces. SPS Stone Group helps you understand how different natural stones are best for different construction applications. SPS Stone Group will bring you the finest natural stone resources from around the world and has the construction expertise, knowledge, and relationships to recommend only the best sources of stone for your unique construction applications.

SPS Stone Group also offers other services such as a Procurement, Sourcing, Price Negotiation & Delivery Service, which will save you valuable time and expenses and ensure that the dimensional stone needed for your project is delivered on time and on budget. SPS also offers Stone Design and Engineering Service. SPS Stone Group will consult with engineers and architects to ensure that each dimensional stone is properly placed on the building's facade with safety and security in mind.